Versions History

Version    (2011-01-19)
The most important release for ESS. It includes new functionality and bug fixes:
  • Ability to download subtitles from (see how).
  • Ability to change the audio track pressing Alt+T(only for VLC).
  • Ability to pass the values from 'Adjust Tool' to 'Manual Synch Tool' pressing the >> button on 'Manual Synch Tool'.
  • Ability to change the default video viewer using the 'Video Player Selector' for win 7 users (see how on UseOfVPS.pdf).
  • Ability to clear the current video and subtitles files from the ESS (Main Menu>Edit>Clear All).
  • More extended context menu (right click) over the subtitles' list in order to pass values to 'Adjust Tool' and 'manual Synch Tool'
  • Supports VLC 1.1.x

Version    (2010-12-28)
  • Puts right errors on search.

Version    (2010-12-24)
  • Compatibility with mp4, m2ts and other video files.

Version 0.9.5    (2009-07-20)
  • Compatibility of saved files with other subtitles tools.

Version 0.9.4    (2009-07-09)
  • Compatibility with VLC 1.0.
  • Intelligent search for mkv files when the subtitles file is loaded.

Version 0.9.3    (2009-06-17)
  • More efficient Repair Tool for subtitles with small duration.
  • Puts right errors during installation.

Version 0.9.2    (2009-06-14)
  • Check for updates on demand

Version 0.9.1    (2009-04-01)
  • The first published version.