Download Subtitles from

ESS provides new functionality, allowing you to download subtitles from


At first you must set the languages for the downloaded subtitles from From the Main Menu go to Settings>Subtitles Settings and on Settings form select the languages you prefer.

If you have already registered to you may set your username and password.

The ESS searches for subtitles by movie and/or by moviehash. The results by moviehash usually fit better to your movie.

Search and Download

1. Load a video file to ESS
2. Open the Download tool
3. Write the title of your video. Do not include extra characters like .,-_ .
The year of the movie is not necessary although is useful.

4. Press the Search button
5. After a few seconds the application will return the results’ list. Select a subtitle; right click on it and press “Download Subtitles”.

6. The subtitles will be downloaded from and will be loaded to ESS.
7. Play your movie to check the subtitles. If they do not fit to your movie, try to synchronize them (using Adjust or Manual Synch), or download a new one from the results’ list.
8. If the subtitles fit to your movie, repair (Ctrl+R) and finally save them (Ctrl+S)

Initially downloaded subtitles are not saved, until you choose to save them, avoiding useless files to be saved to your hard disk.

Note: ESS is not responsible for subtitles that have been downloaded from internet through any channel.